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 ---SOLD--- ...NIGHTFLIGHT DELUXE...Same as our classic NIGHTFLIGHT except with double racing stripes! SOLID EBONY body! 
SOLD  - SEATTLE PURPLEHEART POCKET SLIDER...covert, convenient design made for easy use...can't go wrong!
                 SWEET 16 ...a smaller ladies double barrel... made for the Cup in  Denver! Engraved with Denver 14 to commemorate the EPIC event! $125
SOLD...8 Stogees made with wood from the deck of the "USS Constitution" WITH the "OoRAH" Pipe! THIS package is a Servicemans DREAM! {comes with 8 rugged clear tubes & free shipping}
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  KYLES' KOAS  may be the greatest innovation in pipe smoking since...well, since pipes were invented! Each one is hand built from highly figured tiger koa wood hand picked by the legendary Marty Johnson on the island of Kauai {the Hawaiian Garden Island} These beauties have a removable chamber for very convenient filling, and a large, brass sleeved stem. And just like their namesake Kyle Kushman, Kyles' Koas live up to expectations! The combination of subtle engineering details, are the results of extensive testing, and make no mistake, provide an excruciating delivery! Qualities that must be experienced to be comprehended, and are built to last a lifetime!  Every one comes in a SUPER tough, polyethylene tube for secure, airtight protection.
  MADE IN USA...$50 & free shipping anywhere in the USA  
 Learn what the pros already know!



       Kyle Kushman is an internationally renowned marijuana cultivator and SEVEN-time Cannabis Cup Medal Winner. His articles have been featured in medical marijuana publications, such as High Times and others. He formerly taught classes in advanced horticulture at the legendary, and ground breaking Oaksterdam University in Oakland California, and his studious innovations in the medical marijuana field has helped usher in a new era of growing.                                                                                                                                                                                                  He is widely recognized as a leading expert in the field of medical marijuana nutrients with his revolutionary Veganics™ approach to growing. This new science utilizes only plant based nutrients. NO SHIT!  Countless growers around the world apply these techniques, and as a result produce clean, pure flowers without the residues that were formerly present in thier final product.                                                                             Soon you can also achieve these results with Kyles' highly anticipated line of VegamatrixNutrients™, simplifying the process of attaining what use to be unobtainable to the average grower. All without breaking the bank, and without needing to obtain an advanced degree in horticulture. THIS contribution to growing will be absolutely stellar!                                                                                                                                                   Kyles endless involvement in diverse causes, and his enthusiasm to give of himself, has had a deep, long lasting effect on so many lives.      His efforts are positively changing the way people think about marijuana...and themselves.             

Vegamatrix™... Superior Veganic Plant Nutrients.... The Evolution of Agri-culture ....Cleaner, Bigger, Better. Healthy Plants..Healthy People!Look out for our official launch date March 15th!
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Episode 54 of Free Weed from Danny Danko was recorded live at the 2014 HIGH TIMES LA Medical Cannabis Cup. This epic cultivation panel – hosted by Danny and Mike on Sunday, February 9 – featured renown breeder DJ Short, Bret from Apothecary Genetics, K from Trichome Technologies, legendary grow book author Mel Frank, Scott from Rare Dankness Seeds, Aaron from DNA Genetics and Kyle Kushman of kylekushman.com
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A tribute to the guy that will always be there for us...no matter what!  
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